Fix it again, Tony

How original.

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You looking for Tony? Well, no luck for you then. He packed his things and left Fiat, a long time ago. While there’s no official records. We pretty sure he works at Volkswagen. Probably at the TDI department. Hah. For real. No idea what Tony is doing these days but I can tell you. If you stay out of the dealership service and find yourself a trusted mechanic. Then the life of the world smallest super car (Abarth) shouldn’t be a pain in the ass.

Remember, joy is the reason why we drive what we drive. If we didn’t care for it. We could just picked up any boring Toyota and keep referring to the consumer report at all occasions. #thebeigelife – hah!

Anyway, other things that happening. Getting a dashcam this week. A quick review will pop up. Maybe even an install video if there’s time for that. Till then, take care.


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