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If you want your car to last, don’t skip on the car maintenance. It’s a major key factor to preserve a cars life. Many people thinks low miles only matter but that’s not true. A car that sits too much might not be better except in value. Cars need to be driven.

We sure like to drive, got 49k miles on the ’13 Abarth. So, it was about time to change the spark plugs. No, it wasn’t the first change. These has a life expectancy around 20-25k miles. Heard stories about over 30k miles but wouldn’t recommend it. Seams risky.

NGK Laser IridiumOld set was bought at the dealer, don’t remember what we paid back then but did a check and the California Fiat dealers charged upto $150. Now, thanks to the fellas at Abarthchat (on facebook). Found these at for under $60 incl. shipping. In just two days, they had arrive. Fast and cheap, that’s amazing.

You can also find them at O’Reilly auto parts.

If you want an other option there’s Brisk which got some mixed reviews. Whatever you do, don’t get Denso. Those are not made for Abarth.

Some say: you have to gap these to 0.026 or 0.024 if the car is tuned. We didn’t and the car runs super smooth.

Next up, rotors.






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