Antonio + Bianca = True

2013 Fiat 500 Abarth.

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We put Antonio on the wall and hit him with some hard questions no other journalist dare to ask. Okay, maybe Jorge Ramos from Univision would but we got here first (sorry, Jorge) so let’s get started. Ready? Here we go. 

FC: Great looking car, did you get it new or used?
A:   New.

FC: Did you have to wait a long time for it?
A:   A few days, it was already in stock.

FC: Why Abarth?
A:   When Fiat revived the classic 500 initially in Europe I was jealous. After the sequence of events that led to Fiat coming back to North America I knew I had to have one and if you going to own a 500 it might as well be an Abarth.

FC: Do you daily or it is just a weekend car?
A:   It’s my daily, I can’t fathom the thought of only driving it 1-2 days a week.

FC: What do you love most about the car?
A:   The charm, personality that je ne sais quoi – all the things that don’t translate on a spec sheet and of course that Supersprint exhaust.

FC: What do you dislike most about the car?
A:   The SUV seating position.

FC: What tires are you running with?
A:   BFG COMP-2s.

FC: Got mods?
A:  Bilstein coilovers, full Supersprint exhaust, Eurodrive phase 1.1+, Neu-f short shift adapter and torque bushing, GFB DV+, EC V2 intake, Van Hook diffuser.

FC: Future mods?
A:  Currently in the process of going to a Koni/Neu-f suspension setup, AAD shifter, FMIC (still undecided on with one), its more on the vendors they the ones who have to give me a good reason to part with my money.

FC: What’s her name?
A:   Bianca.

FC: Would you track your car?
A:   Absolutely, with cost being a minor barrier to overcome

FC: Got any speeding tickets?
A:   Knock on wood, none so far.

FC: Car wash vs. Hand wash?
A:   Hand wash unless it’s the middle of winter.

FC: Do you own any other cars? (hot wheels do not count)
A:   I could never cheat on Bianca.

FC: Thank you, Antonio.

Photos by: Antonio Roberto Labitan

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